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The power of words: Semantic

Have you ever stop to notice that what is important for some many not be as important to others? Have you ever wondered what might be behind the difference in opinions?

I have one word in mind “Semantic”. Defined by the Webster –Merriam dictionary as:

“The study of the meanings of words and phrases in language. The meanings of words and phrases in a particular context.”

As humans, conscious or unconsciously,  we are able to be programmed with symbols (words, sounds, smell, taste, figures) along with the emotions triggered during a specific experience, lived in our own skin or through the story of others, and the environment we are in.

This leads to how we set our semantics, the meaning we give to words and expectations based on life experiences.

While on a talk I was giving, to help people understand what semantic is I asked them to describe with one word what “green” means to them. Some of them answered “nature”, “color”, “healing”, “peace”, “forest”, “leave”, “light”.   The truth is nothing has meaning in life. Everything just is. However, placing a meaning allows us to understand something, or for that matter to make or not any sense to us as individuals.

Due to our ability to place a meaning to everything around us, we are able to set standards, set values and make comparisons. Which turns semantic one of the cores of decision-making and focus.

Semantics influence our perception of reality, our perspective or point of view. We place the level of importance to what we allow or avoid for ourselves to experience.

Be aware of the words you use the most and what they mean to you, as what you say to yourself on a daily basis influences a lot on the reality you are creating.

Intention and Will Power

Facing fear takes courage. Whether you like it or not usually involves to leave things behind such as people, places, thoughts and believes. Therefore, to restart is not always easy. To make new friends, have a new routine, to create a new thought process system, have a different perspective of something that was once was very real to you but  all of the sudden stopped making sense, create new parameters all this leads to the unknown. And it´s common to loose balance. These are some of the risks of changes.

Currently the world is going through an era of transmutation. Changes are happening faster. Rules are being broken, myths are being demystified. The interesting part of all this process is that changes are occurring because each one of us, as an individual, is changing. We are all part of a whole. In other words, when you change your surrounding changes. Is like a Ripple Effect. The reason is simple,  we are influenced and we influence in the life of others. We do this through action more than through words.

Many years ago I heard someone say “the world is full of people with good intention”. That was saved into my head like a drop of water over a stone.

Talk the talk is one thing, walking the walk is completely different. You could repeat and say what others are teaching and even recommend them for you might find it fascinating and notice the impact in others, however, do you live what you say and or advice to others?

Have you ever said if I was such person (of power) I would do such thing? What is the different between that person and you? Probably that is in a recognize position in the government, probably is a high level executive, a “successful” business owner and you think that because of it has the ability or responsibility to do what you believe or expect.

You could be right, however, what are you doing about that problem you would solve if you could? That problem is something that bothers you for you are feeling it in your skin and you know many others are. What stops you from creating a system, a solution in a small scale, to solve that situation to help you and others? That might take a life of its own if you put your heart into it. Love, dedication and detachment.

People in high positions are not God. Governments are full of bureaucracy. They are trapped in their own infinite non sense rules that instead of making it easier to do their purpose and allow those with the intention to make a difference and do right, only a bunch benefit for their own purpose. At the end, it stays in the hand of the people with same intention to get together and act. Mahatma Gandhi noticed this in his life experience,  is in our own hands to “be the change we want to see.”

Many are already doing that. The era of transmutation is also leading many people to become entrepreneurs. Just that many of those ideas do not last more than two or three years.  When you start your Project do it for the right reasons. Solve a real situation of the community instead of your financial situation. Obviously your system has to be sustainable and avoid depending on investors or a bank from the very beginning.  By including a profit or reward on your system you are creating a job for you and others that believe in your idea and purpose.

Keep in mind that whatever you do in your life has a part of your essence. Therefore, take care of your own inner peace, your inner balance and develop the skills and knowledge you need to be a positive influence into the life of others. Allow yourself to be YOU. It will be my pleasure to walk by your side as you turn you intentions into actions.

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Jissel Reyes

How does ATTITUDE affect your life?

ATTITUDE, defined by the online Merrian-Webster dictionary as follows:

 “a mental position with regard to a fact or state, a feeling or emotion toward a fact or state, an organismic state of readiness to respond in a characteristic way to a stimulus (as an object, concept, or situation)”

It could then be said that attitude is the way we think or perceive something that is reflected through body language, behavior or verbal expressions.

What is your attitude toward life? What do you think of yourself in every role of your life (son/daughter, brother/sister, father/mother, husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, friend, colleague, boss, client, supplier?) What do you feel is your behavior as you play each character?

Your way of thinking is revealed by your surroundings, the body speaks when it gets sick, and the people you are around are a reflection of how you feel about you.

When was the last time you took at least 15 minutes for yourself?

Have you looked at yourself directly into the eyes? What do you think about yourself?

Have you ever realized how much you love yourself, your attributes, your talents?

How do you treat yourself?

If you have a loving, caring relationship with yourself, it will show around you. When you accept, understand and comprehend yourself others will do the same.

It is said that “we are what we speak”. When you control the mind, then you control the thoughts; therefore, the emotions, and as a consequence, the attitude; to what then follows, the actions.

Everything is first thought of, and then we add meaning through emotions. As a result, we behave in accordance to what we feel about and act upon it.

Work your thoughts and it will show in the outside. Be responsible instead of blaming others for the outcomes of what you feel or occurs in your life. Focus on the positive aspects of everything.

The “negative” emotions have a high price to pay. Anger for example, blocks the brain, carries blood to our muscles, increases adrenaline … it was quite appropriate in cavemen times when the tribe was attacked or saber tooth tiger came to eat. The problem is that such emotion “developed to protect us”, is triggered by the gentleman who car honks or when your boss yells. And we cannot go through life blows, such emotion is repressed: blood pressure rises, poor gastric acid melt stomach, colon twists and starts jumping an eyelid. The body starts to fail.

Three positive attitudes that could help you control your thoughts are Appreciation, Gratitude and Love. They are keys to stop the inner critic.

When new situations arise, how do you perceive it, as an opportunity or as a problem?

Just so you be aware, this first reaction will define the outcome of your experience. It will either make you feel alive or extremely sad.

There is a book i would like to recommend for you to read, “The Power of Now” written by Eckhart Tolle, that book is a must have in your library.

Only you have the power of how to experience your life. Be the captain of your boat. Take control.

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Jissel Reyes

You’re ruining your life….and YOU know it!

This is a must read article.. =)

Culture Monk

head shot

by Kenneth Justice

~When we get past politics, religion, economics, and how much money you make….there is one thing that nearly all Western people have in common; addictions.

Before you hit ‘click’ thinking “I’m not an addict”, hear me out for one moment;

Addictions don’t merely come in heroin laced jars……..

In Western Culture; being an addict is as much a way of our life as apple pie and Chevy Trucks…..

We in Western Society are addicted to;

Fast Food

Cell Phones





Being an a** h***



and sooooooo much more!

I’ve written about feeling lonely, depressed, disconnected, and a variety of other psycho-social issues because these subjects connect with people.

Having studied academically and worked in various elements of the Human Service Field for the past seven years….I know firsthand the reality of our addictions as a society. As someone who has a…

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Laura live on Hay House Radio


If there’s no fear to death, what is there to fear?

Source: Espiral Network

FEAR and PAIN… people feel pain due to the expectations towards others and events of life experiences.

Who hurts who? No one hurts you, no one deceives you, no one makes you cry. Is your attitude towards the outcome of situations and the expected unexpected actions of others, which you had previously judged, for they were what you thought of and yet were not expecting those results to be.

In other words, you hurt yourself with your own thoughts. The emotions you encounter are first created in your mind. You tell your body what to feel. When others do not act or think the way you would like them to, then you feel betrayed. When others do not think or act as you expect them to, then you feel disappointed. When a situation changes your life completely the first reaction is “what am I going to do now?” and/or “What is going to happen next?” Fearing the unexpected and yet expecting the worst.

No one owns nobody. No one should tell nobody how to live their lives, giving them instructions of what experiences they should live. Everyone must live their own life experiences. Live what they have to live to come up with his/her own conclusions of life. Only by feeling through experience you make that outcome your truth. What people are yearning to do is what people need to do. There are always options in life, when someone withdraws from doing something must not then think of “what would’ve happened if…?”

Life is a cycle, every situation is replicated with different people until you understand why it happens. Life experiences could be compared to school teachings, when you finish one grade move to the next, until you learn you are kept in the same grade.

To judge situations as positive or negative is relative. You create the situations in your mind first, by the way you make yourself feel about the situation, the attitude and the reactions that you show and adding emotions through constantly thinking about them. You have the power to choose how to experience that situation.

Mirrors are objects of reflection, in the same way; people are mirrors to others, by allowing each other to be the reflections of the emotions. What you do not like about others, stop and analyze it, as is usually something you do not like about yourself or you would like to be like them. Everything and everyone has a purpose in your life, something to teach or remind you. This is the reason many people come and go through your life either for seconds, for a minute, an hour, a day, a season or a lifetime; for you to reflect yourself, experience, learn and move on to the next level. They feel through you, by speaking to you their vibration is sent to your being and comes back showing what they are actually feeling. Think of it as echolocation used by bats and dolphins; they make a sound and the vibration waves returns to them allowing them to “see” objects at a distance. With that being said, words are interpretations of what you feel. In order to really understand what is being said you need to feel the words spoken to you. See beyond words, do not focus on how it is said but on what has been said. Sense what is behind those words, what fears and pain are being transmitted. Think twice before judging others as you are actually  judging yourself.

Out of the 7 billion of people who live in the planet, who can raise the hand and say that has never felt negative emotions, that has never lived what is called a terrible situation, or ever felt fear in his own entire life?

No one can raise their hand. Everyone has been taught to unconsciously live through fear. Fear is the approach through which each of the systems on the planet are set up to train the cognitive development of the population. Hence, people learn to live in autopilot instead of as human beings.

This is the reason many are not capable to express their true feelings. Fear is the main reason for people not to express what they truly think. Fear is the main reason for which people live in hypocrisy. Fear is the main reason people lie. Fear is the main reason that lacks people from getting to know their true self.

As everything is relative, fear is positive. Is an alarm system to get to know yourself and avoid pain according to the ego mind. Its purpose is to let you know that there is a lesson ahead to learn. Once you are living aware and conscious fear becomes useless.

It is said that more than 90% of the population choose to live in fear and pain by not facing them, without realizing that this sole action will allow them to learn how to move beyond and reach their greatness as human beings.

Once you have the courage to face your fears, those with the same vibration as you will start to come to you and co-create positive and meaningful situations. You will not allow those with negative feelings to stand in your way for you to show who you really, truly are, even if they tried.

Understand that when you decide to face fears and pain in your life, you are not alone. Millions of us, have already decided to face fears and pain taking charge of our lives and as we’ve become masters, guides, mentors, coaches to lead the way based on our free will; we are willing to gladly give you a hand, just as we have being given by others.

Part of the teachings of facing fear is that we all need each other to meet a live purpose. That is the reason; many of us have as a goal to reach as many people as possible, leaving our legacy through books, conferences, seminars and creating systems for your mental, emotional and physical wellness in order for you to allow yourself to live a life that truly matters.

It is your choice to remove the autopilot and become the driver on the road map of your own life.

One of the major fears of human beings is to die. Nonetheless, once you stop fearing death, what else is there to fear?

Cognitive Development – What is it?

Continuing the same line of the previous post titled “who are we?” … it was said that  cognitive development is the mental action of  acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought (perception), experience (sensation), and the senses (intuition).

The author Pamela May, in her book Child Development in Practice published by Routledge , states that

“A possible definition of cognition is the mental process of knowing, including aspects such as awareness, perception, reasoning and judgment. It is the process by which a person learns and it involves strategies for problem-solving and creative and critical thinking.”

Who is responsible for our “training” process? How are we trained?

Parents/tutors/caregivers are guides to prepare us to live our lives. They feed us and take care of us physically, emotionally, psychologically and mentally. The role of the teachers/professors is to help us become thinkers and intellectuals by providing information of matters they are supposed to be experts.  Friends help us emotionally and psychologically (is very important to know how to choose them).  Acquaintances may have same interests as you do or might not, either way, they provide information relevant to increase our awareness. Teachers give you lessons for you to understand the topics of discussion, you are responsible of how you use that information. Same thing happens in your life;  you are the one responsible of they way you think, feel and sense.

Perception is how you see the world, what your thoughts are that lead you to conclusions. There is a saying in Spanish that goes “Cada cabeza es un mundo”, it means “every head is a world”. The way you see or perceive something is not the same way somebody else might see it. Have you ever noticed that though two people might live a similar situation the way each  feels about it differs?  Threfore  the way they experience and think of it does as well. take as examples: Two kids with the same parents, students in the same class or colleagues at work.

Everyone in your life has a role.

Try this, take a few minutes in your day and remember your past…look into it deeply… notice how, while you were growing up, you were affected by your parents, relatives, friends, teachers/professors and even acquaintances. They expressed what they thought either by actions or just words and you learned through their experiences to either think as they did or decided to think differently. The experiences you’ve lived by interacting with them as well as the feelings and emotions that you had through those experiences are part of the “ingredients” that made you who you are today.  The way you think, reason, and sense.

Most parents do the best they understand they can to be good providers. Kids do not come with a manual and many people do not prepare themselves to raise a child. That is why is important to be documented and use the information that best resonates with you. Keep in mind that you are old enough to make decisions of your life. Be thankful for every person and experiences lived. Is part of being human.

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Jissel Reyes